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About Us

Should You Stay, Go or Grow?

The collision industry is facing new and more stringent equipment and training requirements to be able to safely and properly repair today’s increasingly complex vehicles.

Added to the ongoing challenges of attracting and retaining staff, operational demands, a competitive marketplace and changing consumer expectations, many business owners are evaluating their next steps carefully and most fall into one of three categories:


Commitment to ongoing investment in equipment, training, marketing and OEM certifications


Ready to sell business to qualified buyers


Acquiring additional locations within your market as an MSO

For collision repair business owners thinking about the options to GO or GROW, Collision Builders can help you better understand your business options. We are experienced advisors to the Canadian collision industry, and we simplify the process for collision centre operators to sell their business, or for buyers to find the right location to expand intelligently.

What Services do Collision Builders Provide?

Collision Builders are consultants and advisors to the collision industry. We do not act as lawyers, accountants, real estate agents or other appropriately certified professionals.

What we offer is a confidential, fee-based service through a retainer and success fee based on the completion of the sale of a business.

Succession Planning & Exit Strategy

Collision Builders provide a market value assessment, identify potential buyers and prepare you and your business for sale.

Growth & Development

Collision Builders identify opportunities to improve the value of your business, plan acquisitions and provide a market value assessment.

You don’t need to go it alone. With a truly national perspective and over 90 years of combined collision industry experience and insight, Collision Builders can help bring business people together!

For more information or to request a free telephone consultation, please contact the Collision Builders team.